Standish.............3 School Lane
James Worthington head 48 Collier Standish
Mary Worthington wife 42 Haigh
__________________________________________________________Standish......23 School Lane
Thomas Fogg Head 61 Pauper Farm Lab Haigh
Peggy Fogg wife 62 Standish
Elizabeth Fogg dau U 32 Charwoman Standish
James Fogg son U 30 Lab Standish
Alice Fogg dau U 26 Rag Dresser Standish
Ellen Fogg dau U 24 Paper Dresser Standish
Margaret Worthington Gr dau U 23 Bleacher Standish
Mary Ann Fogg dau U 13 Standish
Maria Fogg bastard Gr dau 5 Standish
John Worthington bastard Gr son 1 Standish
Thomas Fogg bastard Gr son 4 month. Standish

Standish......62 Railway Cottages
John Worthington head 31 rail lab Standish
Jane Worthington wife 31 Standish
James Worthington son 9 Standish
Henry Worthington son 6 Standish
John Worthington son 4 Standish
Marther Worthington dau 10 months Standish
John Worthington father 73 Standish
William Calderbank lodger 22 Forge Lab Standish
Standish........79 Broomfield
John Fisher head 53 Landed proprieter 12 acres Standish
  (no labouring)
Susanne Fisher wife 46 Standish
Grace Worthington bast gra dau 11 Standish
Margery Worthington bast gran dau 9 Standish
Mary Fisher dau 7 Standish

John Fisher son 5 Standish
Martha Fisher dau 3 Standish
Standish.........85 Grove
John Worthington head widower 48 Hand loom weaver cotton Standish
Martha Worthington dau U 24 Standish
Ruth Worthington dau U 14 Standish
John Worthington son 8 Standish
Standish.........86 Grove
Robert Leigh Head 42 Paper Maker Standish
Ellen Leigh wife 38 Hand loom weaver cotton Standish
Ellen Leigh dau 16 Standish
Maria Leigh dau 12 Standish
Eliza Leigh dau 10 Standish
William Leigh son 8 Standish
Charlotte Leigh dau 6 Standish
Ruth Leigh dau 3 Standish
James Leigh son 11 months Standish

Mary Worthington sister in law 47 servant Standish
Henry Worthington brother in law 33 labourer Standish
Standish........43 Preston Road
Edward Worthington head 32 Coal Miner Standish
Alice Worthington wife 35 Standish
Henry Worthington son 12 miners Drawer Standish
Elizabeth Worthington dau 4 Standish
Standish........36 Market Place
Betty Worthington head (w) 64 Hilton
John Worthington son 34 Collier Standish
George Bibby (Grandson) 10 Miner Drawer Standish
Standish........145 Wigan Road
Edward Worthington head 46 Miner Standish
Alice Worthington wife 47 Standish

Elizabeth Worthington dau 11 Standish
Shevington............24 John Pitt Houses
Robert Worthington (Lodger) 25 coal miner Shevington
Standish.........27 Lower Ground
Ann Farrimond head mar 52 Annuitant Standish
Ruth Farrimond dau U 28 Coal filler Standish
Maria Farrimond dau U 21 Coal Filler Wrightington
Jane Farrimond dau U 16 Factory Lab Shevington
Spencer Farrimond son U 13 Coal Miner Standish
George Farrimond son U 10 Coal Miner Shevington
Henry Worthington father Widr 76 Pauper Standish
Standish........91 Grove
Mary Worthington head 60 Hindley
Estha Worthington dau 17 Shevington

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