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American Cousin's

I am in the process of building this page about famous Americans who in some way are related to, or carry the name Worthington,I would at this point like to thank David Reed from Washington DC who as been a great help in compiling

this page, (Sadly David as passed away).

A taste of what is to come................................

Brig.Gen Paul Warfield Tibbetts,Jnr.,USAF,Retired.  On August 6,1945, then Col,Paul Warfield Tibbetts,Jnr., was the Captain and pilot of the "Enola Gay" when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima,Japan,thus helping end WW11, Col Tibbetts named his B29 the "Enola Gay" after his mother,Enola Gay (Haggard) Tibbetts.

Gen Tibbetts is still alive at age 88. try this site..www.theenolagay.com



Another famous one with a connection to a Worthington is Jesse Woodson James. the infamous outlaw,better known as simply JESSE JAMES.


Two other famous Americans related to a Worthington are Francis Scott Key,author of "The Star Bangled Banner" and his namesake,Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald.better known as F.Scott Fitzgerald,author of "The Great Gatsby".


And probaly the most famous and talked about,as to be.................................

                                 WALLIS WARFIELD SIMPSON.

                                " The DUCHESS of WINDSOR"


John Alderson John Alderson-2 John Alderson-23 John Alderson-4

John Alderson

born 10th April 1916 Horden,County Durham

            died  California USA  2006.

I remember my Aunt Alice Cain (Worthington) who lived at Wheatley Hill,County Durham telling me, that the person I was watching, in "Boots & Saddles" on her television was our relation, I never thought anymore about it until Julie Worthington emailed me to say, John Alderson's daughter was visiting the UK, Julie was not sure of the connection and I told her about what my Aunt Alice said when I was younger, and now we have the proof.