Worthington Coat of Arms.

There are many other coat of arms associated with different Worthingtons,such as Sir William Worthington of Springfield,Essex,England,The Worthingtons of Blainscough,Lancashire,England,The Worthingtons of Crawshaw,Lancashire,England, The Worthingtons of Branston,Lincolnshire,England, and the Worthingtons of Burton on Trent (The Brewer).

They all carry the three Dung forks (Crawshaw as six) and have variants on the shields and the goat.

The plant on the Worthingtons of Worthington crest is a nettle.

The Pitchfork (Left) was for forking hay from

field to wagon and wagon to stack or hayloft.


The Straw fork (Right) was for spreading straw

bedding for the animals, a farmer might have

one or more of these forks and use it for many

different tasks.


The Dung fork (Centre) was used for spreading

manure in the fields.


Hence the forks in the Coat of arms.

Worthington of Burton on Trent

     (The Brewer)