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All supplied by Margaret Gordon from Canada

I have typed this letter for you read and try to understand it more...I was sent this letter in 2001 from Margaret  in Canada,some of the names might be yours, you never know hope you can  get the feel of it.

(Right click on it and zoom in).

Below......LETTER TO A SON.

James Worthington,born


he was "Press Ganged" to

fight in the Napoleonic wars.

Below.....Some of Margaret's research for Jame's and family.

Below...Death Certificate of James Worthington.

Below.....Jame's son, James Worthington born 1832 and

married Helen McArthur in Mobile,Alabama.

Picture of...James John Worthington son of above, he was born 1876 and married 10th October 1899 to Octavia Rayford.........If any of the information on this page is familiar to you or is connected,please contact myself or Margaret at.. bgordon@uwo.ca

1880 Census of Mobile,Alabama(which can be found on the LDS site).

James Worthington-self-48-Born,Can-Grocer-Parents born-ENG-ENG

Hellen Worthington-wife-36-Born,IRE-HousK-Parents born-SCOT-SCOT

JamesJohn Worthington-son-4-Born,AL-         Parents born-CAN-IRE

Archey Yorktown-other-31-Born,SCOT-Machinist "        "     SCOT-SCOT

Stephen McClucken-other-30-Born,AL-Machinist  "        "      IRE-IRE