Leigh & Atherton

I mention these two towns because this is were my great grandfather William Worthington,two of his brothers settled here and there are still descendents of them there,the two brothers being Abraham and Moses.

I  have recently been in contact with one of Abrahams decendents Mr Philip Inman from Atherton,Lancashire his mother Gladys was a Worthington,at the bottom of the street where he lives, the cemetery where Abraham and many of his descendents are buried is located. Philip recalls his mother always said, they were from a noteable family near Standish

and they lost there lands and everything.

Moses is buried in Leigh cemetery with some decendents but I have not located any living relations yet.


Moses Worthington b.1844 Shevington,Lancashire 1st Wife Susannah Gwatkin b.1848 and died 1870 at 9 Carnes Street Spennymoor,County Durham she is buried at St Pauls,Spennymoor there is no headstone and she had no children.... Moses 2nd Wife..Ellen Atherston b.1855 Pemberton,Lancashire there children................

Peter                      Abraham                Hester                     Moses                     Ellen                             John

Worthington           Worthington          Worthington            Worthington          Worthington                 Worthington

b.1875 Pemberton   b.1874 Pemberton  b.1880 Pemberton    b.1882 Pemberton b.1889 Westhoughton   b.1890 Leigh


Abraham Worthington b.1850 Orrell,Lancashire 1st Wife Ellen Turner b1853 Shevington died.1872 no children....Abrahams 2nd Wife..Mary Jane Comber b.1855 Orrell,Lancashire there children......................

William (1)             George (2)              Joseph (3)           Abraham (4)       Minnie (5)           Annie (6)           Lillian (Lily) (7)

b.1874 Shevington b.1877 Wigan         b.1884 Pemberton b.1892            b.1894 Pemberton b.1880 Pemberton b.1890 Ath

Married                 Married                  Married               Married              Married               Married             Married         Ann Jane Mather  Elizabeth Lomax   Polly Hunter       Annie Gore       Robert Gregson    Thomas Robinson William Robinson

(8) James b.1886 d.1888 (9) Emily b.1889 d.1900...8&9 are buried with Abraham & Mary Jane.

CHILDREN TO........(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7).............

(1) Frederick          Gladys             James            Harold            Lily                Hilda

died 1980s           b.1917d.1989    b.1897d.1975 died at Bury  died Atherton  died Atherton

married                married             married          married        married              married

Alice ?                Leslie Inman       Teresa ?        1st ???         Albert Darcy        Stephen Kelly

                                                                           2nd Ada ?

children ?            Philip                   ?                   Harold           Brian                     Jean

                            Stewart                                   Marjorie        Anthony

                            Ian Trevor                               Dorothy         Shantell


(2) Emily             George              Stanley               Frank

                            died 1971          

  married             married             married              married

Bert Butler         Kath ??              Josephine ??      Annie  ??

children ?             ?                         ?                       Annie



(3) Olive               Lena                     Hetty

married                married                married

Joseph Lee          Albert Hales          Norman Hodgkiss


Barbra                   Norma                  Kathleen


(4) Robert (Bobbie)


Mary ??





(5) MaryDoreen              Jean                        KathleenMary

married                         married                     married

Alexander R Taylor      Ronald George Ledieu  Neville Holding


Heather                        Michael                       David

Ian Stuart                     Rodney Philip


(6) Lilian                   Percy

  married                   married

  Ernest Sharples       Margaret ??


      ?                          Susan



(7) Richard


    Frances Swift



    Kathleen.....................................  thats it for now.