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Myself and my family.

Left to Right..............................

Beverley (Worthington) Saville...My youngest daughter

born 4 December 1972 Ferryhill County Durham.


Edward Stephen Worthington........My Son

born 28 May 1982 Spennymoor County Durham.


Gail (Worthington) Hughes.....My oldest daughter

born 11 Febuary 1969 Ferryhill County Durham.


Chelsey Hughes....My oldest grandaughter

born 23 June 1990 Middlestone Moor County Durham.

Beverley Worthington  with X husband Michael and son Liam.


Liam Michael Saville......My grandson

born 19 February 1995 Kelloe County Durham.



Beverley Worthington on her wedding day with her dad (myself)

Edward Worthington  (My Site) Hello I was born at Thornley Colliery in County Durham,we moved when I was 8years old to Croxdale in County Durham and after a couple of years moved to Spennymoor in County Durham where I have spent most of my life......When I left school I worked for the local mineral water  company called Gray's (£1.10s per week),only for a month and left to go down the Pit(£4.19s6d) per week, after a few month I had a accident at the pit and left, I started for the local furniture removal company called W.H.Williams (which had moved my parents from Thornley) learn't my trade with Harry the owner and after a few years left and did a bit of construction work, got sick after about 3 years and left and started working for myself doing furniture removals,have retired now,  ....hope you are enjoying the site..if so drop me a line...all the best.