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Worthington Hall & Area

Please be patient when downloading photos,when you have enlarged photo right click your mouse and zoom in on photo.                         From Left to Right..................

1.Map of Worthington.

2.Worthington Hall circa1900.

3.Worthington Hall 2001.

4.Doorway into Worthington Hall.

5.Worthington Paper Mills 1890s.

6.Worthington Bleach Works 1900s.

7.Sluices at Worthington Reservoir now called Worthington Lakes.

8.Worthingtons of Worthington coat of arms.

9.William (Waxy) Worthington born 1887 at 10 The Fold,Pemberton, Lancashire, Standing next to his father-in-law Samuel Liptrot.

10.James Worthington b1794 Standish with Langtree(not proven) photo supplied to me from Margaret Gordon, Canada.

11.Edward Stephen Worthington, Hall in background.

12.Edward (Ned) Worthington my father and E.S.W's grandfather, circa 1934.

On my recent visit to Worthington (July 2005), I was amazed to find, that the old dye works had been demolished and replaced with a small estate of houses and flats, which is called Worthington Park, 2 photos above.

End of Platt lane, and beginning                                                           Worthington looking North

of Bradley Lane , looking towards




Worthington, looking South from                   Worthington, looking North from

Dave Taylors back garden (former                  Platt lane.

Adlington Hall, Gatehouse).

Daves house (former Adlington Hall              Dave, with my partner Liz.

gatehouse) this was completely derelict

when Dave bought it.

Site of former dye works, now Worthington Park.

Mr Emmanuel Turner, a resident of Worthington.

The Crown Hotel, Platt Lane, Worthington, Lancashire.

                             Above and Below.

Southern Boundry of Worthington.              Northern Boundry of Worthington.