St Wilfrid's & Johns Headstone

1.St Wilfrid's,Standish.

2.Myself outside St Wilfrids.

3.Prayer Cushion (My partner Liz).

4.Worthington coat of arms in St Wilfreds.

5.John Worthington headstone my Gr Gr Granduncle.

6.Edward Stephen Worthington (my son) standing at the boundry for Worthington and Standish.

7.ESW standing on Chorley Road,Worthington (Hall in background).

8.ESW beside his Gr,Gr,Gr,Grandmothers headstone

(Sarah (Platt) Worthington.

9.Bobby my Skye Terrier(Passed Away 13 April 2003)

10.My father Edward (Ned) Worthington..born15March1912 at Wheatley Hill,County Durham.

11.Finally got a proper shot at the Spire(St Wilfrids).

12.One of our vehicles.