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Places in the North East

Monument to "Lord Lambton" near Sunderland, I wonder how many ordinary folk contributed to this monument,when it was built the pitmen and there familys where starving.

Durham Cathedral was built in 1093, it stands on the banks of the river Wear and is the resting place of our local Saint Cuthbert.

The Angel of the North, although not in County Durham, it would have been if they (those that know best ?) had not changed our county boundry's.

During the middle ages every church afforded temporary sanctuary to people fleeing from the pursuit of the avenger, but these privileges were extra special in churches where the relics of saints rested, as indeed Durham Cathedral as St Cuthberts relics.

A hunted criminal would grasp the ring on the knocker and shout "Sanctuary" at the time there was two monks on duty just for this purpose, when the criminal was admitted to the cathedral he could stay for 37 days, after that if his pursuers were persistent, or no royal pardon was forthcoming, he would have to set out bare headed and in his distinctive costume of black and a yellow cross of St Cuthbert on the shoulder, and carrying a simple wooden cross, he had 9 days to get to the coast and board a ship and leave the country.


The Farne Islands.....Although in Northumberland I had to show you these small islands that lay about 3 miles from the mainland at Seahouse's Northumberland, they are National trust and have lots of birds and seals.

Angel of the North