Snippets - 2.....Short & Sweet

Hello Edward (Worthington).

      I am so impressed by your web site, about the Worthington family, I just had to write and thank you. I will also enclose some information from this end;

1.   John Benjamin Scott Worthington b.1905. d. 1979. (My father. Weycroft Manor.)


2. Sir John Vigers Worthington.Director Dunlops. Surgeon. MP 1935.d1952

3.  Col. Sir Edward Scott Worthington . Surgeon to King Geo V.

4. Capt Benjamin Toby Worthington 1761. RN and HM Customs ( Tartar Cutter)

5. Vice-Admiral  Sir David Worthington Brown RN, my cousin

6. My younger brother Edward Worthington of Auckland n.z.

7. Frank Worthington (Artist) of Westerfield Hall, Suffolk.

8. Three Worthington's , doctors to North Sea Fishing Fleet, Lowestoft.

       Best Wishes for 2011, from ,

           James Anthony Worthington of  Crondall, GU10 5QE