Standish was ruled over for centuries by the lords of the manor the Standish family,they lived at Standish Hall there ancestral home which is just outside the township of Standish,sadly the hall was partly dismantled in the 1920s this being the Tudor wing and Chapel and reportely shipped to America(cannot find any info on this report),the remainder of the hall was demolished in the early 1980s.

Standish being in the Wigan coalfield brought tremendous changes to the area which was largerly rural,in the nineteenth century it became vastly industrial with coalmines all around the area,I believe there was eight coalmines at the peak of production in the Standish area alone.

I often visit Standish and Worthington then onto Wigan(great market and very nice people).

Old Post Card of Standish market place,  Spite Row on the left and what was the "Eagle & Child" and later G.Worthington the butcher's on the right.

I have no date to what year, but I would take a guess and say, late 1800s.


Spite Row

Eagle & Child

Standish-Spite Row-OLD Eagle & Child_Standish