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StWilfrid's..  Standish

The church dedicated to St Wilfrid was known to have been in use around 1206,but in the 1500s it was in disrepair and there was levys put on land and tenements in the parish to help re-build and refurbish it,the refurbishment took from 1582 to 1588 to complete and except for the spire being blown down in 1822(which was re-built in 1867) the church is still very much like is was in 1588.

On the north pillar above the pulpit is a carved stone tablet bearing the arms of the Worthingtons of Worthington together with the date 1584 and the initals EW and T this is a memorial to Edward Worthington of Worthington and Thomas his son and heir who were both living at the time.

Thomas Worthington contributed £6 to the re-building of the church,(about £1,026 pounds today) this being the largest contribution from the township of Worthington, it is said, the Worthongton's of Worthington are buried under or near to the present pulpit.

On my many visit's to St Wilfrid's (I have many ancestor's buried in and around the church) I find it is one of the most beautiful church's I have ever visited and is well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Only recently have I come across a film that was made of the history of St Wilfrids, I certainly did not know one existed, having traced the people who made it,( only one alive now) he sent me two DVDs of the whole film, I must stress from the beginning that this is a home made film of the history of St Wilfrids, but I think anyone interested in the church and the area would be pleasantly surprised at the quality that this had been made with, there is about 3 hours and it is narrated by the then Senior Church Historian Mr Harold Smith, who actually takes you on the whole visit around the church and onto the roof to show you the surrounding area.

Anyone not being able to travel to Standish to see the church or area, then this is a "must have", to me, it is like finding something that as been hidden away for a hundred years and nobody knew about it, but we have found it earlier.

This work is Copyright and is only for the pleasure of the person/persons who buy it.

The price is £25.00 including postage to anywhere, of which I send £15.00 to the vicar at St Wilfrids, anyone interested just email myself at   edwworthington@hotmail.co.uk

Included in the cost of the two DVDs is a donation of £10.00 which will be given to St Wilfrids, this is a instruction from the person who made the film, and after watching the film I think you will consider it, worthwhile.


The total cost of the two DVDs including postage in the UK.....£19.00

anyone who requires them sending abroad, will have to get in touch with me, so I can find out what kind of postage they require.

please mark email Subject line............St Wilfrids DVDs.

email recieved.....25/11/2005

Dear Edward......Congratulations on your excellent web-site and many thanks for your kind words concerning St Wilfrids, If there is ever any assistance I can give, please get in touch....yours Michael.

The Reverend Michael Everitt, Rector of Standish and Area Dean of Chorley, The Rectory, 13 Rectory Lane, Standish, Wigan WN6 0XA.