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The Brewer (William Worthington)

William Worthington was born 1723 at Orton-on-the-Hill

Leicestershire.about 25 miles from Burton on Trent, where he was to make is name in the brewing industry.


William Worthington b1723 m1761 Margaret Ann Tarrat


William b1764                                   Thomas b ????

m                                                        m

Martha Evans                                     Sarah Evans

(Martha & Sarah were sisters and there father was a brewer in Burton on Trent)

children to.....William & Martha.

William Worthington b1799 d1871


Mary Ann(Marianne) Calvert b1803 HoundHill,Staf/shire

children to...William & Mary Ann.

Catherine E. Worthington b1825 Burton on Trent

William Henry Worthington b1826 Burton on Trent

Calvert Worthington b1831 Burton on Trent

Albert Octavius Worthington b1844 Newton Solney

Francis Worthington b1849 Newton Solney.


William Henry Worthington b1826 married Elizabeth Craig,they had no children,he became the first Mayor of Burton on Trent and was the last of the Worthington family to have anything to do with the management of Worthington & Co.The Manners family became the major shareholders and the company remained in their control


Worthington Brewery,Burton on Trent,England

William Worthington Born  1764.


Until recently,I never bothered about the brewery side of the Worthington name,always thought they where well entrenched in Burton Upon Trent,I had a email from Canada asking.if I knew anything about them,so I got in touch with the library and the Town Hall at Burton,and recieved a photo (below) which I could not believe,when I saw the family crest on the chain,which William Henry supplied to the Town,as he was the first Mayor,this proves that the brewery side,had or thought they had some connection with Lancashire.

I would like to thank,Elona Harris - Mayor/Cabinet Secretary and staff at the Town Hall and also the staff at the Library.

The main badge is of Staffordshire,but the one directly above,is the Goat and Three Dung forks.

Worthington White Shield, is possibly the

most famous beer the brewery ever made.

1910 Daimler, converted to look like a bottle of White

Shield, can be seen at the Bass Beer Museum, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England.

Open top bus at the Bass Beer Museum at Burton upon Trent





Above is the model town of Burton Upon Trent, showing what was the Worthington offices and the brewery, I believe at one time the Worthington family lived in the office building, before it was offices, I stand to be corrected if this is wrong.