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Worthington Hall

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the whereabouts of Worthington Hall,some reports even suggest it was demolished 50 odd years ago?.

Worthington Hall stands in the Chorley Road between Wigan and Chorley and is a working farm,it as been changed over the years but you can still see some of the timber construction from the outside and the doorway with the name Edward Worthington and the date 1577 when the present hall was built.

Worthington Hall and Estate were sold in 1690 to Reginald Bretland and later to Thomas Clayton of Adlington.

Although the hall must have been re-built several times,tradition has it that it always stood in the same place.


Nothing remains of the earlier Halls not even a sketch or description.

One report even suggests Kilhey Court Hotel was at one time Worthington Hall...............NOT TRUE.

Another report  show's a photograph of Manor House (also known as Worthington Mill House)....you guessed it........NOT TRUE.

I hope this information clarify's all the previus mis-information about Worthington Hall.

 the farmer Mr Andrew Gill is very obliging and friendly.

Above left Worthington Hall (the building to the right behind the Hall is actually Kilhey Court Hotel).

Above right Manor House (once known as Worthington Mill House).

Below modern (1999) map of area with Worthington Hall on it,so much for demolishing it 50 odd years ago.

A few photographs of the Hall

Notice the modern lighting system (bulb).

wonder what it would have been like in 1577.







Worthington Hall from the Chorley road.

Various sketch's of Worthington Hall